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san pascual

October 03, 2015 — Corn and Vegetable Farmers from the Municipality of San Pascual, Batangas at ABF today.

These Ka-Farmers are participants in the ongoing Farmers Field School for Corn, organized by the Municipal Agriculture Office and supported by Agricultural Training Institute – Region IVA.

Mabuhay po kayo!


October 02, 2015 — Accompanied by officers & staff of the Batangas City Veterinary & Agricultural Services Office, residents of Cuta Journal, Cuta West, Cuta Maligaya & Cuta Duluhan of Lingap Pangarap as well as those from Tinga Itaas spent most of the day learning about our operations.

Dominated by women, the group illustrates the emerging frontline contribution of women in agriculture as majority of the members are mothers and daughters who are taking active leadership roles in community mobilization and development.

This enthusiastic group of new farmers are participants of the ongoing Farmers Field School for Organic Agriculture organized by OCVAS and supported by the Agricultural Training Institute – Region IVA.

The ABF Team would like to congratulate the group in anticipation of your graduation next week. Warmest regards to your families. Mabuhay po kayo!

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