One practical way of fertilizing fruit trees such as rambutan, citrus and others is the one followed by Renato Belen of San Pablo City. He gets a one-liter plastic container of engine oil, removes the bottom and then buries this under the canopy of the fruit tree. The container is buried standing just deep enough so the top portion will just be a bit below the soil surface. The empty container is then filled with a mixture of urea, complete fertilizer, 0-0-60 (potash) and trace elements. He covers the top with garden soil. The buried fertilizer is enough to nourish his tree. If the tree is big, he may bury three containers filled with fertilizers. ■

“Fertilizing Fruit Trees”

Written by Mr. Zac B. Sarian

Source: Manila Bulletin

Home and Garden Section (Garden Talk)

Date Published: August 11, 1998