This article will give you an overview of practical and cost-effective culture and management practices for production of high-value crops and other fruit trees which include rambutan, lanzones, durian, mango, pomelo, lychee, sampaloc, chico, longan, mangosteen, and others.


Land Preparation
For backyard planting, dig a hole wide and deep enough to contain the ball of soil that goes with the planting material. Set aside the top soil to be used to re-fill the hole after planting or transplanting. Mix 2 parts of LAS-1 Activated Pure Organic Compost with 1 part of top soil. Place 3 kilos mixture at the hole.

Carefully remove the plant from its container and set it in the hole. Fill the extra spaces with the LAS-1 Activated Pure Organic Compost and top soil mixture. Replace dead or empty hills one week after planting. Planting during the rainy season is highly recommended.

Legumes can be used as intercrop to control weed and to improve soil fertility levels. Other cash crops that can be planted include corn, papaya, calamansi, and pineapple.

Weed Control
Hand pull the weeds especially when the plant is still small and the weeds are too close to the plant.

Water the trees frequently especially during the first two dry seasons to help develop the root system. For mature trees, water frequently especially when flowering or fruiting. Irrigation can be complemented with mulching, good vegetation, or by shallow cultivation.

Place 4 to 6 inch mulching using rice hull or dried grass at a distance of 6 inches from the trunk spreading towards the edge of the crown. This will help in restricting weed growth, maintaining relatively low temperature, and in keeping the soil moist even during the dry season.

Fertilization can be done at any time – regardless of the season. We recommend re-fertilization every 6 months at 5 kilos of LAS-1 Activated Pure Organic Compost per tree. Make sure that all 5 kilos of fertilizer is well distributed around the tree.

Flower Induction
Smudging. Smokey fire is built below the tree canopy and smoke is allowed to pass through the foliage. This is done
continuously for several days but is discontinued when no flower appears within two weeks. This is repeated one to two months later.

Mix 1 liter of LactoBac LAS-1 with 200 liters of water and spray onto plants, flowers, leaves, and soil. This 3-in-1 spray can act as fungicide, insect repellant, and as foliar fertilizer. Spray on crops every 2 weeks.

Pruning is done after harvesting to prepare the trees for the next fruiting season. This process aids in improving the quality of fruits, achieve the desired size and shape of the crown, and remove unwanted branches.

Harvest only fully mature and ripe fruits. Fruits are either picked by hand (leaving 2-3 cm stem) or by using long bamboo pole with loop, bag, or net at the end.


Immature, undersized, and damaged fruits are sorted from clean fruits. Fruits are then graded as to the variety, size, weight, or diameter. The fruits are packed in bamboo baskets or crates lined with newspapers for protection during transport. Storage period and shelf-life depends on the kind of fruit.

DISCLAIMER: This article was written for those who need basic information on high-value fruit tree culture and management. This should not be considered as the most informative resource. Additional reading is highly recommended.

Going organic? WE will show you how…

The use of compost fertilizers is a project which pays off only in the long term. We recommend that initial application of LAS-1 Activated Pure Organic Compost should be accompanied by reduced amounts of chemical fertilizers at a ratio of 1 is to 1 in order to sustain yield. Continuous use of this mixture would result in the accumulation of reserve nutrients during the first 2 to 3 years. After this period, 75 to 100% of the chemical fertilizer requirement can then be replaced entirely by organic compost.


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